1. Casual victim-blaming and blatant sexism spotted in People magazine. I guess  there should be no surprise here. But even though they’re a celebrity weekly, People is a bit more enlightened and fair than tabloids like UsWeekly and Life & Style, for example. But apparently, outside of the supportive world of online feminism and Tumblr, this is totally acceptable for a respectable mainstream pub?

    Text begins: “There is only one way to make sure your privates remain that way: Don’t put them in front of a camera. It’s a painful lesson Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and others learned…”

    Then, note the caption: “The exception to this public service announcement is John Stamos (above) who should continue to post shirtless pictures on Instagram anytime he wants.”

    Har, Har. Good one, People.

    It’s not like these women were victims of a crime or anything. Let’s blame them for being sexual beings and trusting their privacy would be respected, and while we’re at it let’s make light of the situation with a juvenile joke.

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    Earlier this year, Baltimore Ravens football player Ray Rice beat his then-fiance Janay Palmer in an elevator, knocking her out. He was suspended for two games. 

    This morning, TMZ released a video of the incident. 

    Part 1

    They terminated his contract this morning, but he deserves to be in prison for what he did.

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    Grease (1978)


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  4. "I’ve sacrificed for this sub. I’ll be goddammed if I get it taken away without a fight."
    — The man-boy creator of the subreddit that was essentially ground zero for the leak. Admins just deleted it, finally, but only after millions of people abused these women over and over again by viewing, commenting on and yes, fapping to their stolen, private images. As if Reddit’s lazy response wasn’t bad enough, now this mouthbreather is causing a stink—acting as though it’s a constitutional right to violate famous women. (via The Daily Dot)

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  6. Looks like congress is listening. Two new bills to combat campus sexual assault were introduced this week. Click thru to Feministing for all the details so far. We’ll be following these bills closely. Here’s hoping this is a challenge our Congress is ACTUALLY willing to get something done on.

  7. Cher Horowitz, badass

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  8. PREVIEW. Zine Making In progress, SoOooOooOO excited. We will of course be posting originals here on Tumblr as well. But if you’re into lovingly handmade objects that fight rape myths and empower survivors of sexual violence, email us miniskirtcollective AT gmail DOT com. <3


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